Erick Wolfe has been training and directing professional actors and performers for over 15 years, he has worked with top rated performers and directors from all around the world. His credits include Opera, Ballet, Theatre, Commercials, Television, and Film. Erick grew up with the great action films of the 80’s.  With that love, he started pursuing action acting after a brief experiment at art school.  Action acting led him to becoming a Certified Teacher with the British Academy of Dramatic Combat and the Academy of Performance Combat, he is also the National Representative of Stage Combat for the Association of Theatrical Movement Educators.

In 2000, Erick started the School of Stage Combat in Tulsa, Oklahoma and operated it for 10 years before moving on to complete his degree.  Erick recived his BFA in performance from the University of Central Oklahoma, and is currently pursuing his MFA in Directing at the University of New Orleans.  He now lives in New Orleans, where he started the Wolfe Action Academy.  Erick works full time as a stage director, fight choreographer, and university instructor.