11.10.10 way too early in the morning

    This website is about to go through another redesign to make it more mobile friendly, please excuse the wait...Thank you.


10.16.10 9:00am

    Well it seems it has been a while sense I have last updated this blog.  A lot has been going on. I started back to school online in December, and started at UCO in August of this year.  So basically I am going to school full time online, and getting 20 hours in at UCO as well.  All things are going nicely, Classes are going well, and the students and instructors are all great.  I am surprised by how much I am enjoying Light design, if only I didn't have this color blindness of mine, that makes seeing some shades of red and green impossible.  I started Kendo back up with a group here in Edmond. Great group of people, and a good solid style on their kendo. They also teach Kenjitsu, and it is fun training in that again, although it's a new style to me. 

    So today I am teaching a 4 hour workshop at UCO.  It has been confirmed that I will be teaching the stage combat classes for the Musical Theatre department at OCU, and the stage combat class for USAO has been approved. On top of that I still have a University out of state that I am talking with about working with them next semester.  I just finished choreographing Mr. Marmalade for UCO.  I had the chance to work on an amazing film called "N" over the last few weeks. I am looking forward to the project being finished so I can see this film.

     Well that is everything in a nut shell. I will be trying to keep this website up a bit more now that all moves are settled and that school is mellowing out. Take care!!!


4.5.10 2:30pm

I have been busy working on the Opera and I have picked up a small indie film called Primer. The film has been great fun, and the crew is wonderful.  I am getting ready for summer at this point. There is only a few weeks left teaching this semester at OCU. The students this semester have been wonderful, I expect great things from them in the future.  Summer is starting to fill up, getting workshops and classes going.  Looks like I will be doing some work with Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park. I will be working on Romeo and Juliet and Comedy of Errors.  Their other show this season will be Taming of the Shrew.

3.22.10 8:30pm

Wow, I have been so busy I have not really had a chance to keep this blog updated. I am going to try to post at least once a week.  Like I said things have been busy, working on several projects. I need to go through and completely update all the pages on this website. If you get the chance come see  Don Quichotte with Tulsa Opera opening April 17th.

2.7.10 9:00pm

R&J went wonderful! Thank you to a cast and crew!!! I will be posting information about summer programs this week in class, and if you are interested in a summer stage combat program in Canada, London, or Wales, please feel free to contact me.

1.25.10 5:00pm

Its been a busy few weeks with classes starting up, and rehearsals keeping me busy, both with R&J and Don Giovanni. Had a great meeting this morning for some future work, hopefully this fall. Trying to pick up a few more productions this spring and summer, just waiting to hear back on them. There are very few boxes left in the apartment, and that is a nice relief. Life is starting to find its nitch again and finding a state of normality. I have received the updated list of BADC workshops, I just have not got around to publishing it on the site yet. I hope that I will get around to that this Wednesday. Starting to look at all the summer workshops, and trying to figure out which ones I will be working at. If you are wanting to go to a workshop this summer, let me know, and I can direct you to some great workshops held by all the different groups out there. So if ya got some extra cash, and want to get a certification, I can recommend some great places to go! As for workshops I hold, well that has to wait till late February at the earliest. Another thing, if you haven't seen it, the preview to the international documentary that I worked on at the end of 2009 can be found here

1.14.10 1:00pm

The move is done. I am now living in a jungle of boxes. It is nice being back in OKC, esp here in the Paseo district. I have a full schedule with the University, and LOVE it!! I am also working on another R&J this month. I have finalized details, and will be back at Opera in the Ozarks at the end of May, and just picked up Don Quichotte with Tulsa Opera opening April 17th.   Things are moving along nicely here.

1.5.10 11:30am


So this is going to be an exciting new year for me. This week I am moving to OKC. The new semester at OCU starts next week. And I am closing down the school of stage combat here in Tulsa. Its been a great 10 years.  I will still be teaching and hosting workshops, so don't worry.  This weekend I start work on R&J in OKC. And continuing my quest to find another University to teach at in the Fall.  2009 was a fantastic year, thank you all so much, and 2010 is going to be a great year!!!

11.2.09 8:47am

And this year has flown past!!!! Great Announcement, as you may have already seen on this website, Fire Burn Workshop Dec 5th!!!! There are more details on the Agenda page. But needless to say I'm excited and really looking forward to this workshop. This workshop goes along with the Basic Stunts for Actors workshop series that we are offering. So a full schedule will be held till x-mass. This week I start teaching improv at the Tulsa Library, with a student performance later in the month. The next 3 weeks are going to be crazy busy, but that's how I love it!!!! More updates soon!

10.26.09 09:48am

This was an awesome weekend. I attended a Contact Improvisation workshop hosted by Cheryl Pallant. It was a 3 hour workshop that flew by. There were about 10 students in the workshop, including myself, and everything just flowed together beautifully. I forget how nice it is to attend workshops, and actually be in the thick of it all with the students. And its nice to break away from stage combat and stunts every now an then.

10.23.09 12:09pm

WOW I have been busy, finally got the video software I have been using to work, and I am currently in process of editing together the video from the Fighting For Film Workshop at OCU. Still working on Romeo & Juliet, and I will be attending a Contact Improvisation Workshop this Sunday here in Tulsa. I am looking forward to that.  Nov is going to be a full month, but that's the way I like it to be. Dec is filling up nicely, although I have nothing going on on the weekends, Yet! I hope you all are well and have a wonderful safe Halloween!

10.5.09 10:30am

I just finished an unarmed workshop with USAO, the kids, teachers, and staff were fantastic. The students finished up with a performance at a local festival, where they performed their fights. It was an awesome week. I returned home to find out the film I worked on "The Long, Dark Way" won a Domestic Violence Prevention Awareness P.A.I.N. Award!!! WOOO HOOO!!!! And congrats to the Director Susan Sybenga and the fantastic cast! The Twisted Blades had a wonderful performance at the Tulsa Renaissance Faire Saturday! For the next few weeks I'm working with OPA teaching a basic stage combat class, and also working with BAS for their production of Romeo & Juliet. This Saturday, Oct 10th, I should be hosting a Fighting for Film Class at OCU.  And last but not least I am about to start work on an International Documentary film. More details will be released soon! Well that's it for now, and I have a full plate at the moment. Take Care and Be Safe.

9.21.09 10:30am

Here I am, finally getting around to updating this blog. Sorry for the delay. I just finished hosting a workshop at BA Schools, and next week I'm off to USAO to host a week long session of Master Classes in Stage Combat. And as soon as I get back from that I have a performance at the Tulsa Ren Faire. Followed up by a Master Class / Workshop at OCU. I am thinking of hosting a workshop here in Tulsa in Late Oct on Rapier. So if your interested shoot me an email. This week I have to write out my update for the ATME, So if any of you have anything you want me to post in it, please email me. Well I have a lot of work to get done, I will talk to you all soon!

8.31.09 10:11am

So it seems a lot more people read this blog than I thought. Thank you all for your support and encouragement via email, Facebook, and phone calls. I have been focusing a lot of my time lately to finding jobs for the fall and next summer, offering workshops and master classes. My schedule is filling up nicely, but as usual, always want more. Also, let me put a rumor to rest, as of right now, there are NO definite plans on me moving at the end of the year. Although it is a major possibility, there are no set plans yet. This week I will also be working on a grant to take me to Russia and Eastern Europe next summer. And I am thinking of restructuring this web site, time allowing. Although I did finally update the Agenda page today. So until then my friends, take care, and thank you all!!!

7.30.09 9:30am

So I have returned from England a certified teacher with BADC. I had a wonderful time in Wales, and a great time running around London with friends. And now its time to get back to all the work at hand here. These next few weeks are going to be super busy with emails, phone calls, scheduling, shows, grants, and paperwork. So if it seems to my friends that I have dropped off the face of the map, please know that my social life will come back soon. Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement.

7.6.09 11am

Just had a wonderful 4th of July!!! And in less then 2 weeks I will be in Wales teaching!!! I am looking forward to seeing old friends, and making new ones. This year is going to be exciting!!! On top of all this, I am making some major decisions on my life and where I will be in 6 years, so a lot of transitional things are happening. As more develops I will blog all about it here. take care! 

6.245.09 12pm

Well now that all the excitement and exhaustion of the Ruckus is over, it's now time to get back to real life. And with that comes setting up 2010. It seems that just yesterday I was scheduling 2009 out, and here I am already working on 2010. Time passes way to fast. So I'm making calls, sending emails, updating this and that. Hopefully I can pack 2010 with at least 7 operas, and 5 big workshops. So we will see. Have a great time, and feel free to contact me. Oh almost forgot, hosting a huge BBQ at the house this weekend, as it will be my last free weekend for over a month.

6.22.09 9:00am

The Red Dirt Ruckus was a fantastic success! A big thank you goes out to all the wonderful instructors and energetic students for a wonderful weekend! So now that the Ruckus is finished for this year, my life can get back on track, as much as it can. Getting the Blades ready for a show the 2nd week of July, choreographing for a dance show here in Tulsa, working with the library on an acting class, getting choreographies for operas and plays lined up, trying to pick up a few extra movies, then heading over to Wales to teach for a week. So yeah...back to work! Enjoy!!!

6.2.09 4:25pm

So its been crazy busy around here with all the Red Dirt Ruckus events. Just finished this years workshops at Opera in the Ozarks. What a fantastic time I had this year. Tonight I go and choreograph for the Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park production of As You Like It. This weekend the Twisted Blades will be performing at SoonerCon this Saturday at 1pm.  Space is still available at the Ruckus so go too www.stagecombatschool.com and sign up!!!!

3.16.09 4:00pm

Its done, the Red Dirt Ruckus website is complete. You can go to reddirtruckus.erickwolfe.com or just go to stagecombatschool.com and follow the link!

3.16.09 8:10am

Yeah, so didn't get the RDR page up by end of last week. I am aiming for today. We will see how it goes, more later!

3.11.09 7:10 am

Well things are moving right along. RDR is coming together, we will be able to take online payments by the end of the week hopefully. And the poster/flyer is finished. In other news, I will be hosting the stage combat workshop at Jenks again this year, always look forward to working with those kids.

3.9.09 9:00am

So here we are, March already. The year seems to be flying along. The ATME group is growing every day, thank you to everyone. Today I am focusing on the Red Dirt Ruckus Workshop that we (Lloyd Caldwell, Matthew Ellis, and myself) will be hosting on June 20th & 21st. I have to get all the promo stuff ready to be printed, finish the website, find the right logo, talk to my printer about shirts, bla bla bla. In other words a lot of work to be done. I will be posting more as it all gets done.

2.27.09 2:11pm

Wow, okay so yes, a lot has been going on. I picked up another semester with OCU teaching period movement. I am now the stage combat representative for the Association of Theatre Movement Educators (www.atme.org) if your not a member, I highly suggest you join. I am finishing up working with Tulsa Opera for their current show. Hosting a workshop this weekend on Tai chi sword. In process of finalizing a stage combat workshop at OCU on June 20th & 21st. And let me say its going to be legend...wait for it...dary. Although that's not all that is going on, its all I have time to go into right now, I have got to keep working on this site, if you have noticed there is now a new link at the top. And I am creating a companion page on facebook.com, so if your friends with me, just look at my groups, or look up ATME stage combat group. Cheers!

2.4.09 8:24am

Well it has been a great few weeks, right now I'm trying to get final count for all of you who want to go to the FDC workshop in June. Today I find myself typing a lot of emails....

1.26.09 8:30am

What a wonderful weekend! We had amazing  performances at Scarlets Mid-Winter Faire. Everyone really stepped up and put on one hell of a show! It was great seeing everyone again, including the Redland Rouges, who did a great job at the Brawl at the Ball Saturday night. I am really looking forward to what we bring to Norman this year, its going to be Legen (Wait for it) dary!!!

1.6.09 12:30pm

Well one week before I start teaching at OCU. And yes I'm very excited. Still working on a few projects here that are at the moment, becoming very large. I don't know if it was a good idea or not to start them, but I really want to finish them up now, mostly just because of the time I have put into them. That's about all that's going on.

1.2.09 9:10am


2008 was great, but 2009 is going to be so much better. Thank you all for making last year completely awesome!

12.22.08  9:30am

Hello, and Happy / Merry (insert holiday of your choice here)

Well Dec has continued to be a slow month. Not much going on, but that is normal for this time of year. I start at the University in a few weeks, and I am really excited about it.  I really wish I had something great and wonderful-like thing to say, that would make everyone go all soft and warm this holiday season, but I don't. :) So on that note, I hope everyone has a great time, be safe, have fun.

12.02.08 12:30pm

So the website is coming along. Dec is usually a slow month for me, as not many productions are being done. I finished up working on a film, and hosting a workshop. Classes are going well, along with the Capoeira class. Mostly just starting to get some fights ready for Scarlets in Jan. Today I'm sending out the first batch of emails about the FDC Workshop in June. Other then that, not much going on.

11.20.08 12:48pm

FINALLY! This website is updated. I never was truly happy with the other design. I like this one a lot more, although there are some things I will continue to work on and tweak, but I wanted to get it online as soon as possible. So dear readers, please be patient, as this will all be coming together better over the next few weeks.

10.20.08 10:30am
Busy wrapping up everything for the month. About to start performing at Oklahoma Aquarium that is always fun. And then I turn around and do the workshop for BA Schools. Then it looks like a break till Jan. Who knows maybe something awesome will happen and I will share it with you all... Now just waiting and sending emails and making calls.
10.2.08 9:00am
Ah October, I love this month. The weathers changing, Fall is here, crisp morning and evenings. Great for....FIRE. This is my favorite time of year to go out and play with fire poi and breath fire. Also great to get out and play with bullwhips now that the triple digits of summer are over. Let us not forget Halloween! My favorite day of the year. We always get a chance to go "perform" at the Oklahoma Aquarium. I say perform, but really we just get to dress as pirates, give candy to kids, and have a great time. So, yes, I love October. Oktoberfest anyone? TCCL Ren faire! We open Romeo and Juliet this month. The kids are looking great with their fights. So if your free, check out Clark Theatres schedule or come to opening night Oct 24th.
This week I have been asked to teach at Oklahoma Performing Arts, inc. A great school dedicated to teaching the performing arts, from music, dance, and acting. Their main acting teacher is out of state, so they called me up to come in and cover his classes for a couple of weeks, and let me tell you they are a great group. The faculty is wonderful, and the kids are great!!!! Another thing I do is sponsor a Learning disabled class in KC. I am their pen pal. They send me photos and letters, I in turn write them back, send photos of what I do, and take pictures with the class mascot. Which is a dinosaur puppet. That has been a great enjoyment.
I have finished my part in a collaboration on an Opera that is being presented for competition. That will be presented this month. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that. I am also having to do this huge research project as part of my Probationary Teacher status with BADC, most of it is really really simple questions and things, but there are a few pictures that are driving me nuts. I have to identify, date, and explain, who/what/when. All well and good on most of them, but their are a few pictures that are a pain in the A$$ to make out.
Okay, I think I rambled on enough on this post. talk to you soon, be safe!
09.22.08 1:30pm
Wow, I haven't updated this page in over a month. Talk about a slacker. Well I'm here now to do it. It's not due to lack of events to talk about, completely opposite as a matter of fact. I have had so much going on, I haven't had time. So lets sum up quickly all that has been going on.
I am now a Provisional Probationary Teacher with BADC. (awesome!)
I will be starting with a University in Jan, teaching the stage combat program.
I Have been working for a film doing the sound effects for the sword fighting.
I have been choreographing for Clark Theatres Romeo and Juliet. The choreography is finished its now just down to the polish.
We are polishing up the choreographies for the Tulsa Library event in Oct.
So that's my life in a nutshell. oh, I'm hosting a workshop this Saturday on knife fighting. And The Blades are getting ready for HallowMarine at the Aquarium. So after that event, the Blades will have performed at 8 events this year.
08.14.08 12:45pm
So I'm back from NY. I had a wonderful time at Seagle Colony. The students there were wonderful, and so was the teaching staff. I was able to catch the dress rehearsals for Magic Flute, and it was fantastic. Now it is time to focus on Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet, and start getting ready for the TCCL Ren Faire. Speaking of ren faires there seems to be a few new ones trying to start up in the Tulsa area. there is a Medieval themed on this weekend at the park, and then a ren faire in Sept in Bristow(? I could be wrong about the location). The school is hosting a Rapier intensive workshop on Aug 23rd. Well that's all for now, take care!
07.29.08 8:30am
Yes I'm finally back, and it was awesome. For those of you who don't know, I went to England for a week, and played with the BADC. I passed my level 1 and level 3 certification test with Gold with recommendation. Which by the way, is the highest score you can get. So we will see what the next steps are. I was able to meet some really great professionals, and students on their way to becoming great professionals. Saturday I had some free time in London, and hit the west end. It was an awesome time all around. It was nice to have a vacation, and it helped me to really refocus. And soon I will get this website updated, but not today, today I have to update the schools website. till then my friends, ciao

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