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  • Action or fight scenes can be seen in all types of film, TV, opera, and theatre, with varying degrees of intensity, violence, and application. Staged action should be looked at as an art form in and of itself because it is creating an illusion of a physical confrontation that combines the use of theatrics with a fighting style to assist in enhancing the telling of the story of the production. Performing a staged fight or action scenes is as old as the art of acting itself, and requires skills that acting classes or a martial arts school alone cannot teach.



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  • My job is to know when to use and apply the right moves and stunts in a fight scene, how to keep them safe, and how to stage them in order to make the actors look good and effective while telling a non verbal story. It is to see the overall picture of the fight and how it progresses throughout the production. I will work with you, within your budget, and to give you the best action scenes for your show or stage combat training for your actors.

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